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In 1792, when he was forty seven, the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya contracted a serious illness which left him stone deaf. I follow Goya through the remaining thirty-five years of his life, trying to see the turmoil of the world around him through his eyes and sharing the silence in his head.

"So vivid are her conjurings of lives lived elsewhere or long ago, you begin to suspect she sees ghosts." Marina Benjamin, Evening Standard

Shortlisted in America for the National Critics Circle Award

Thin Paths
Thomas Blackburn's Selected Poems
The Three of Us
My Animals and Other Family
With Billie
Old Man Goya
The Leper's Companions
The Book of Colour
Daisy Bates in
the Desert
The Emperor's
Last Island
Charles Waterton
The White Men
Murmurations of Love,
Grief and Starlings